Latest News Around the Gaming World – November 12 to 14

Some people says that live can be fun, and I think that’s right, we have make our live fun. One of the choice to get there is playing fun game. And don’t you know, there are a lot of latest great games out there and there are always update everyday. Here some updated game I ever know to November 2015

There is some exciting news and developments happening in the gaming world lately, and so far there have been pretty interesting updates to follow.


Temple Run 2


If you are into endless running game and you are addicted to the first Temple Run, you will find this as good news. Imangi Studio, the developer, has uploaded a 15-seconds teaser of suspected Temple Run 2. However, no confirmation or official announcement has been made concerning the teaser. The teaser has a title Frozen Shadows and it seems that the developer is going to release it soon enough. I guess we just have to wait and see for the upcoming update.


Rumor has it that the new Temple Run 2 will have various options in the gaming mode. In the first game, for instance, you only run, but in the second game, you have other options, such as using a flying fox or a wheeled mining-type-of-vehicle. The settings will be different as well as you have more options like running through the clouds, jungles, wooden bridges, and also caves.


Blood Brothers 2 and fighters from Street Fighter


Capcom is working together with DeNa to include some of the characters from the game Street Fighter in their Blood Brothers 2, their card battle game. Chun Li, Ryu, and Bison will be coming to Arnashia, starting from the release around December the 3rd.


If you are familiar with the first Blood Brother game, you will see why the developer decided to make the ‘sequel’. After all, the main appeal is about the visual battle of the game, making it worth your time – well, at least, that’s what I think. And now, with the promise that some of the characters from Street Fighter will appear in the game will only make this game worth waiting for.


EVE Valkyrie


CCP, the developer of EVE online, has recently announced that they have managed to get investors in order to make a new virtual reality game. After making EVE Valkyrie and Gunjack, it seems that the company had been in stagnant position, until this ‘fresh investment’ has been made. With the money, the developer is planning to make new developments that are claimed to result in better game play, even better from the previous ones.


Halo 5 and Xbox One

Thanks to Halo 5: Guardian, Xbox One can beat PS4 sales in October. The sales are also boosted with Xbox Elite Controller release, which causes sold out in major retail stores.

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Prove Your Innocent in Break the Prison for Android

If you feel that playing as a hero is boring, you can sometimes become a villain with the Break the Prison for android. In this game, you will become a prisoner that tries to escape from the Jail where you are imprisoned. This game will give you so many things that will make you feel excited because there are many features in it. You will discover many moments and activities that will surely make feel glad. Now, let us see more what we get from this epic Break the Prison game.

The Features of the Break the Prison for Android

There will be so many fun features when you play this Break the Prison for android. First, you will get beautiful graphics that will make you have great fun in your eyes. It is designed with really interesting look that you will not get bored or get lazy with the appearance of the game. You will find different places that you will get for each level of the game so you also get some variations in the game that will make you feel wonderful.

In this Break the Prison for android, you will do some great gaming that will make you feel so addicted with this game. First, you will get a really interesting action game-play that will let you have nice adventure. Then, you will need to solve some thoughtful game like mind-blending puzzles for getting to the next stage in the game. The chill and the thrill from being noticed by the jailer will surely make you need to be careful. You will get the feel of being bad guy with this Break the Prison.

For the last entertainment, to finish the job in jailbreak, you will need to pass 40 levels of challenge in this game. You will find 8 different themes for the cell that you have to break and each level will have different difficulties. The Break the Prison for android will come with various game play too that you will only feel when you play this game on your own.

Now, it is time for you to install this Break the Prison for android. You will be able to make your boredom go with this excellent game. Feel the thrill and the chill of being prisoner and make your way out toward the jail. This Break the Prison from android is the best jailbreak game that you need to be played in your Smartphone.

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Precisely why Play Android Games On your personal computer

Playing Android games on PC – For several years today, Android has been amongst the leading portable operating systems in the planet. It has been able to stay related because it offers continually widened its perspectives to include a lot more amazing capabilities. Among the numerous amazing capabilities of the android platform is that you could be able to enjoy countless neat games on your Android gadget. Most of these types of games are available for free and some require you to purchase for them. According to study, games are the majority of downloaded programs on Android program. So far, people have down loaded hundreds of thousands and thousands of games.

Playing Android games on PC

You can participate in android games on Personal computer

If you have been utilizing your Android device to try out games on your system then you certainly realize of the pleasure which will come from this. Now there is more good news. Anyone can be able to enjoy Android games on your computer or even laptop. You may be wondering the reasons you would want to participate in android mobile games on the PC. There are lots of advantages of this kind of. First, if the device won’t use the Android program but you love playing Android games, you can now accomplish that on the Personal computer.

Secondly, you are able to test any games about the computer or laptop just before installing them on the android device. No matter of the android mobile device you’re using, you can acknowledge that room is an issue. You are unable to go adding every game you discover otherwise you can fill the device’s memory space and impact its basic speed and function. Builders understand of the massive popularity of Android games, and also they also want to utilize these through developing as much games as possible. For this reason, you can test these types of android games on the laptop or computer to determine if they’re worthy to be your cell phone.

How this can be done

Playing Android games on your hard drive or notebook is possible by means of the use of particular applications in which developers have created. There are lots of different this sort of apps on the market but you need to be careful what one you choose. Nearly all of them enable you to sync your current android mobile apps for your PC. Using this method, you can enjoy enjoying your favorite games on the big screen. The very first step to using these kinds of software is in order to download it in your computer. After this you need to install the idea in your computer before you start using it. It really is as simple as a number of clicks to start syncing your own mobile apps for you to the PC. That’s all about Playing Android games on PC.